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Who we Are

Dove International Rehabilitation and Training Center has become one of the world’s largest and most well respected private not-for-profit alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers since opening its doors in the year 2013 -2015 When one is looking for an outstanding place that’s both reputable and reliable when it comes to Treatment of Drug addictions and psychological wellness and recovery, he/she has found the right place by visiting Dove International Medical Center. Our goal here is your total recovery from the ravages of drugs and alcohol and professional treatment for addiction and other psychological illnesses. Dove international Rehabilitation and Training and training center is a non –profit making Social –Enterprise that has been set up in Kenya to fill a demand for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Relapse Rate intervention and all the psychological Challenges affecting the growth and development of human personality in the entire Africa and internationally. We do not criticize, nor are we judgmental. We recognize confidentiality at all times and offer our services within the community and all other settings in Kenya. Our assessment procedure will lead you to one of our addiction recovery treatment facilities and afterward you’ll even get the benefit of our 1Year aftercare programs that will ensure you start a new life of continuous and joyous recovery. Here at Dove International Rehabilitation and Training Center, we have the experienced people that can help one rebuild his life and relationships through working with our treatment programs, one will have increased energy levels, rebuilt relationships with family and friends and a new outlook on life that will put one on the path to healing all the damage done in the past. We are one of highest success rates treatment center in the country and our procedure starts with an intervention session to help him or her understand the complexity of their problem.

Why choose Us
Core Values.

 Professionalism
 Transparency
 Ethical behavior
 Client focus
 Accountability
 Non discrimination
 Gender, culture, religion

Our Mission.

Every person who is dependent on Alcohol and drug abuse or challenged psychologically has the potential to rebuild his life through our support.

Our Vision.

To empower the society through rehabilitation and trainings to ensure general wellness through advocacy to the affected individuals with addiction and other psychological illnesses.